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100 %
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1 ME
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663 hrs


This Rovas project allows mapper volunteers working on the Openstreetmap project to record time worked and earn a reward for their work.

Instructions on how to verify reports for this project

This Rovas project is set up to combine all reports/changesets sent by a mapper within 24 hours into one. If there are more than one reports and they are created using the Rovas Connector for JOSM, then the proof of work is a link to a page in the OSMcha application. On their first visit to OSMcha, the user must log in using their OSM credentials.

Clicking the proof web address link in the report will open a page, with a list of changesets of the verified report in the left column. Clicking on an item in the list will display the changeset plotted on the map, in the main window. A color key - in the form of a three-color bar - displayed for each changeset informs about the number of created, edited and deleted objects and therefore can be used to estimate the time needed to implement the changes made. Clicking the objects on the map reveals detailed information about the changes made. After reviewing the changesets, the mapper must return to Rovasa and verify the report.

OSMcha also lets users to express their judgment about the quality of edits made in the changeset directly in the app, by clicking the Verify menu in the upper right corner.


Note for the creator of the Openstreetmap project: Steve Case, if you read this, send us an email. It is your project and you should be its owner.