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100 %
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942 ME
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The Rovas application enables participation in the NEO economy. Anyone is welcome to help with the work on the app - with testing, programming, design, legal help, and the like. For working on the project, collaborators will receive a share of the merits that the application receives from rewards. Among others, the rewards come from the 1% fee the app collects for each work report created in the app. Program errors or suggestions to improve Rovas should be reported on the project's github page

Work Reports: 
Added Worker Activity Time Action
10 Jun 2024 sano Umožnenie nákupu podielov v národnej mene 44 hrs 30 min     
27 Apr 2024 sano OpenStreetMap provider for Hybridauth 3 hrs     
10 Aug 2022 sano Article: The NEO way to finance collaborative and FOSS projects 20 hrs     
28 Jul 2022 sano Programming Rovas between Sept. 2021 and June 2022 117 hrs 7 min     
24 Sep 2021 sano Programovanie aplikácie 1039 hrs 59 min     
11 Apr 2019 sano Completion of CreateUser REST endpoint and partial deployment to live server 5 hrs     
08 Apr 2019 sano Authentication into Rovas with Na bezky! account 4 hrs