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100 %
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347 ME
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Rovas application enables participation in the NEO economy. Anybody is welcome to help making the app and NEO better (testing, programming, design, legal help..) and share the Merits reward earned by the app. The earnings will come from the 1% usage fees levied by the app on any reported labor from all workers. The time share of merit rewards currently stands at 75% and I (the app author) pledge that the time share will never fall below 30%. Bugs can be filled/tracked on the project's github page

Work Reports: 
Added Date Worker Activity Time Action
28 Jul 2022 24 09 2021 sano Programming Rovas between Sept. 2021 and June 2022 117 hrs 7 min   
24 Sep 2021 29 04 2019 sano Programovanie aplik├ície 1039 hrs 59 min   
11 Apr 2019 11 04 2019 sano Completion of CreateUser REST endpoint and partial deployment to live server 5 hrs   
08 Apr 2019 08 04 2019 sano Authentication into Rovas with Na bezky! account 4 hrs